I am a very passionate and creative maker, obsessed with technique learning and skill building. I love practical problem solving, working in creative teams and am flexible under different circumstances. My range of skills include:

Textiles and Fibre

  • Working with a range of protein and cellulose fibres, including wool, linen, silk, flax and hemp

  • Carding fibres with hand carders or a drum carder

  • Spinning yarn with drop spindles, treadle and electric spinning wheels

  • Weaving on four shaft looms and rigid heddle looms

  • Felting with wet felting, nuno and needle methods

  • Knitting, crocheting, braiding, macrame, weaving, and organic manipulation

  • Dyeing with natural, acid and other dyes

Costuming and Fabrication

  • Tambour and standard embroidery, gold work, black work and beading

  • High level of hand finishing

  • Tatting and basic bobbin lace making

  • Leather work such as tooling, wet moulding, dying and ageing

  • Sculpting and carving with hand tools and a Dremel

  • Miniature building and painting

  • Painting with acrylics, watercolours and oil paints

  • Carving lost wax and wire jewellery making

  • Thermoplastics and foam manipulation

  • Millinery

  • Flat pattern drafting

  • Competent machinist on industrial straight stitch, overlocker and cover seamer machines

Production and Design

  • Extensive researching and historical knowledge and interest

  • Production assistant with high levels of communication, administration and budgeting skills

  • Illustration by physical and digital methods, including Adobe Creative Suite and Ipad Procreate

  • High level of computing skills, including MS Office Suit and a degree in IT

  • Photography and videography with DSLR cameras


  • Supervising medium scale productions

  • Costume maintenance

  • Wig and makeup competency

  • Fitting, measuring and overall cast processing

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